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  • Interim Management

    There are various factors that create ‘value proposition’ that interim managers offer to their clients. Return on investment. I... Read More

  • Indian FMCG Market

    Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) include all consumables (other than groceries/pulses) that consumers need most of the time. The list will ... Read More

  • Indian Nutrition Market

    Nutra-ceutical is a fairly new terms especially for Indians.  As the name partly suggests these nutra-ceuticals are partly food partly vita... Read More

  • Products and Services

    Direct selling companies offer more than 70 product and service categories – everything from health and beauty items, apparel and accessor... Read More

  • Network Marketing

    Network Marketing People usually make huge sums of money in network marketing, and continue to do so even today. People enjoy their lives, ... Read More

  • What is Multi Level Marketing?

    What is Multi Level Marketing? Multi level marketing is a form of marketing of products and services that allows people to build teams un... Read More

  • Indian Cosmetics Market

    Cosmetics Industry – The Indian Makeover The global cosmetic industry or Multi nationals have been captivated by India in a fascinating... Read More

  • Business strategy consulting

    Business Strategy is one of the most crucial segments of our work with a client looking at entering India. Unless a company has a full view ... Read More

  • Indian Market Research Company

    Objective to get into Research: With the presence of so many market research companies in india and the world over one of the key questions... Read More

  • How does multilevel marketing work?

    Koyalgeet is a very well recognised direct selling expert Globally and in India. She founded the Direct Selling Association in 1996 from scr... Read More

  • India entry strategy- MLM Companies, FMCG, Nutrition

    Arrow head consulting is front runner consultants for MLM companies. Arrow head consulting is committed to assisting its clients in providin... Read More