Indian Legal consultancy to set up

Setting up a business is an exciting time especially when it is India. It is also a time when you need to cut through loads of information including India legal consultancy to get to the crux of getting your set up in the best possible manner. Our team of lawyers work with the highest courts and have been assisting companies with legal consultancy in India. We are helping our clients with the company set up and registration, taxation, relevant approvals in India with care and with completeness in all the processes. When it comes to Multilevel marketing companies, there could be additional requirements which our team has the best capabilities for simply because we have had the opportunity to work with so many different kinds of DSA members and non-members.

It is a known fact that when you are setting up it is important to do everything right at that time as prevention is better than cure. This can save you both time and money. We do everything via India legal consultancy including legal approvals to processes to compliance to tax guidance to audits. The company provides Inda market entry strategy through a wide array of services.

Our services for India legal consultancy are listed below:


  • Company name registration
  • Company set up and registration
  • Approvals and applications for all Tax related registrations
  • Import Export approvals
  • Codes for Import/export
  • Tax planning
  • Audits for companies
  • Compliance for foreign companies
  • Compliance for Indian companies
  • Compliance for Indian companies going international
  • Registration numbers under various Indian ministries to operate in India
  • Future guidance
  • Legal updates
  • Registration for Non-government industry bodies
  • Guidance on registrations and promotion
  • Company structure planning
  • Joint ventures and acquisitions
  • Intellectual Property registrations
  • Country specific guidance
  • Regions specific guidance
  • State law compliance
  • Others

The listed services are non-exhaustive. Depending upon your product line, the unique requirements of your company may vary and therefore we make sure each company gets the attention it needs to be fully satisfied and complete in every aspect. We understand that you need everything under one roof with specialized team which has the desired experience. The assurance of best insight and service is guaranteed with us.