I have known Koyalgeet for almost 14 years in my positions as Secretary General of the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations and as President and CEO of the USDSA. Koyalgeet co-founded the Indian Direct Selling Association in 1996, just at a critical juncture for direct sales in India and was Chief Executive of the association for over a decade. I have known Koyalgeet as someone who embodies direct sales completely. She is full of enthusiasm, creative, can do out of the box thinking and has an in depth understanding of the direct sales business.

She has an all-inclusive view and understanding of the direct sales business and has experience through both the up and downsides of the industry in India. She is a trusted advisor to the Indian government, news media and to many companies on direct sales and related business issues. In the last 13 years, she has brought added value to the industry internationally as well as to individual companies. She is a sought after speaker at Business Schools and has been a speaker at various DSA and WFDSA international events. She is respected and often referred to as a consultant by colleagues in the industry.
Neil H Offen, President, USDSA, Secretary General WFDSA, Washington DC.

Ms Koyalgeet Hanjra was engaged as Chief Consultant and Managing Director – Jt. to launch our division Jafra Ruchi Soya Cosmetics India. She was responsible for the Market Research, Business Planning and for financial results of the business. As a part of our start up team her role was to ensure all market and business system related issues to be analysed and implemented to make the business successful. Ms Hanjra has demonstrated an excellent knowledge and overview of the market and she contributed to the success of our start up in India. her knowledge of Indian market is outstanding.
Voverk & Co. KG

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“It was good to see the Beauty Brands that are in operation in Delhi as well as the DS companies and their Delhi offices. The time spent with Koyalgeet was the most beneficial in order to understand the DS market and its nuances, as well as to have an insight into her expertise in this market.”
International Sales Development Director
International Cosmetics Company, United Kingdom

I would trust Koyalgeet almost blindly on the industry. She has the best knowledge and understanding and has added immense value to Agel Corporation. Our top management from the US found immense value in interacting with her too.
Gunasekhar, Country Head, Agel Corporation

We are glad you could guide is in getting the best in India for our operations
Jason Norton, Vice President, 4life Research

By far Koyalgeet is the most objective, having a 360 degree overview and the best resources available to guide direct selling in India
Former Secretary – Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India

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