Business strategy consulting


Business strategy consulting

Business Strategy is one of the most crucial segments of our work with a client looking at entering India. Unless a company has a full view of itself and the Indian market as a whole, it will be a fruitless attempt at entering the market.

Our reputed Associates in this field have varied experiences with dynamic and well known global consultancy organisations and have worked on projects in varied industries and products. This gives us a chance to bring to you the best business strategy consulting especially in the field ofdirect sales and MLM, retail and some industrial products as well.

Business strategy also takes up the maximum effort as that is the planning stage – once you have it right here, executing wont be a problem.

Some of the questions you may be asking at Business Strategy phase would be:

1. Why would the Indian market be lucrative for me?
2. How do I marry my offering and the Indian requirements to get it right for India
3. How do I understand and then position the various strengths and weakness of my company for India so that I can win in this complex market
4. Should i launch regionally or nationally?

Case Study

A huge globally known hair care company was talking to us and we undertook an assignment to see what would be the best way for them to offer their products to the Indian consumers.

Findings – Hair care market is dominated by shampoos as the ‘mom and pop’ store level. However when it comes to hair colour or highlights – its the salon hair dresser that the consumer will go with.

Solution: We decided to offer and focus on the salon market to strengthen the presence in the Indian market. The strategy paid off as most people still choose to go with what the hair dresser says. The strategy was very different from the home country of the client so a careful way had to be devised to offer the Indian hair dresser the benefits of selling to end consumers.