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Global Expertise in Multi Level Marketing and Direct Selling

With over 15 years of international business experience in the Multi Level Marketing and Direct selling Field, the team at Arrowhead Consulting offers a range of services for International Companies to launch into India, Asian markets by shortening the learning curve considerably. By helping our clients understand the nuances of direct sales in India and the Multi level marketing. We are a young firm comprising 11 associates from diverse backgrounds such as Management Consultants, Ex Company Heads, Chartered Accountants, and Supreme Court Lawyers.

Most of us our Indians, however, we do have associates abroad and other collaborations with foreign boutique consultants firms to deliver quality of service in those countries. Our clients reflect our global nature. Around 25% are in Europe, 35% in the Americas, 25% in South America and the rest 15% in the Middle East and Asia or Africa.

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We serve a broad mix of private, public, government, research companies, investment companies, and social-sector organizations. We are a global partnership community based in a set of strong values and client impact. We take pride in working with diverse cultures and understanding what works where. Our flexible structure ensures you get value at a reasonable price. We quickly deliver with the right team, right experience and expertise.

The diversity of background, discipline, gender, nationality, and the way to approach life and work ensures you as a client have access to deep and broad experience.

Our Mission is to facilitate the growth of investments in the Indian market such that the satisfaction and achievement of the goals of investors is achieved and at the same time India as a country benefits from the products and services that come to the market along with the opportunity. Our mission is also to take the Indian companies global and offer the best quality of products to the global consumer and establish the Brand ‘India’.  We as MLM consultants in India offering MLM distributor services to our international clients since last 10 years

Our Value system is simple. It includes a transparent way of working, fun, flexible and clean such that maximum is achieved in minimum possible. This is our major strength, knowledge availability along with best of flexibility around the globe. Our testimonies are a witness to the achievements we have delivered for our clients directly or indirectly.