Product Launch Consultants

Expert Guidance for Successful Market Introductions

Product Launch

A company may decide to launch products for various reasons – a new start, extension of a line, adding a new line, looking at competition, managing a change in business etc. We work with you on some of these key questions. Our strategy development is typically to engage with the companies onsite and discover solutions which best work for that you or a particular client. Our team has worked with clients and consulting companies to look at the solutions from a 360 degree perspective. Taking this excersize further we also look at the following:

  • When to start a new product line And why.
  • How to tackle the cyclical nature of business
  • How to expand market share and reach and depth or reach to the customer
  • How to increase per customer purchase or per capita consumption of your products

We have worked with Multinational companies of medium and large size to reach solutions that work for them. We have also worked with various Indian clients who wish to go global or are looking at global tie ups or expand markets within India.​


  • How to price your products especially if you are not from India
  • How to understand pricing and consumption patterns and make use of those
  • Geographical expansion and adjustment of product line
  • Reach into B, C, D, E towns


New Product launch

Our New Product Launch services provide comprehensive support to ensure your product enters the market successfully. From market research and strategy development to execution and post-launch analysis, we guide you through every step of the process. Our expertise ensures that your product reaches the right audience, meets regulatory requirements, and achieves impactful market penetration.


Our Branding services help you create a strong and memorable brand identity that resonates with your target audience. We work with you to develop a cohesive brand strategy, including logo design, messaging, and visual elements, ensuring consistency across all platforms. By building a compelling brand presence, we help you stand out in the market and build lasting connections with your customers.


Marketing and launch plans

Our Marketing and Launch Plans are designed to ensure your product makes a powerful impact from day one. We create customized strategies that include market analysis, target audience identification, promotional campaigns, and launch events. By leveraging various marketing channels and tactics, we maximize your product's visibility and engagement, driving successful market entry and sustained growth.

India legal consultancy

Our India Legal Consultancy services provide expert guidance on navigating the complex legal landscape in India. We assist with regulatory compliance, legal documentation, licensing, and other legal requirements essential for your business operations. By ensuring adherence to Indian laws and regulations, we help you mitigate risks and establish a solid legal foundation for your business in the Indian market.


Media Planning

Our Media Planning services ensure that your brand reaches the right audience through the most effective channels. We develop comprehensive media strategies that include selecting the appropriate platforms, scheduling optimal times for engagement, and budgeting for maximum impact. By leveraging data-driven insights and industry expertise, we help you achieve your marketing goals and maximize your return on investment.

Creating Marketing Collateral

Our Creating Marketing Collateral services provide you with high-quality materials that effectively communicate your brand message. We design and produce a variety of marketing assets, including brochures, flyers, product catalogs, presentations, and digital content. These professionally crafted materials are tailored to engage your target audience, enhance brand visibility, and support your overall marketing strategy.


Press coverage and media review

Our Press Coverage and Media Review services ensure that your brand receives positive attention and visibility in the media landscape. We proactively engage with journalists, influencers, and media outlets to secure press coverage and reviews for your products or services. By cultivating relationships with key media contacts and monitoring coverage, we help enhance your brand's reputation, credibility, and exposure to a wider audience.

Digital marketing

  • Blogs Helps in establishing your brand as an authority in your industry by edifying readers with researched and valuable content.
  • CONTENT STRATEGY – Creating unique, expert and indexable content for your brand as well as planning its publication and governance.
  • Employ engaging audio-visual campaign on digital platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to market your products.
  • Make your customers reach you, build your sales and inspire repeat purchase with an easy touch of the smartphone through social media presence


Logos, Trademarks, & Designs

Our Logos, Trademarks, & Designs services provide comprehensive assistance in protecting and enhancing your brand assets. We help you create distinctive logos and designs that resonate with your audience while ensuring they comply with trademark laws. Additionally, we guide you through the trademark registration process to safeguard your intellectual property rights. With our expertise, you can confidently establish a strong visual identity and protect it from unauthorized use.

Brand Guides

Our Brand Guides services offer detailed documentation outlining the guidelines and standards for representing your brand consistently across all channels. These guides include specifications for logo usage, color palettes, typography, imagery styles, tone of voice, and more. By providing clear and comprehensive instructions, we ensure that your brand remains cohesive and recognizable, strengthening its impact and resonance with your audience.


Advert Creation

Our Advert Creation services involve crafting compelling and effective advertisements tailored to your target audience and marketing objectives. We develop creative concepts, design eye-catching visuals, and write persuasive copy that resonates with your audience and drives action. Whether it's for print, digital, or video advertising, our goal is to create advertisements that capture attention, communicate your message clearly, and inspire engagement with your brand.

Booth Design & Materials

Our Booth Design & Materials services specialize in creating visually stunning and functional booth designs that make a lasting impression at events and exhibitions. We collaborate closely with you to understand your brand identity, messaging, and objectives, then design custom booth layouts that reflect your brand ethos and engage attendees. Additionally, we provide high-quality materials and signage that enhance the overall appeal and professionalism of your booth, ensuring maximum impact and ROI from your event participation.


Packaging designs

Our Packaging Designs services are dedicated to creating visually appealing and functional packaging solutions that effectively showcase your products and resonate with your target audience. We combine creative design concepts with practical considerations such as product protection, shelf appeal, and manufacturing feasibility to deliver packaging that stands out on shelves and drives sales. Whether it's for retail, e-commerce, or promotional purposes, our goal is to create packaging designs that capture attention, communicate your brand story, and enhance the overall product experience.

Other product launch services

  • Change in product line
  • Additions to existing line
  • How to price your products especially if you are not from India.
  • How to understand pricing and consumption patterns and make use of those
  • Geographical expansion and adjustment of product line
  • Reach into B, C, D, E towns

Following are some innovative Projects We Undertake apart from the services listed above:

Product Audit

Our Product Audit services involve a detailed examination of your product or product line to assess its performance, quality, and market fit. We evaluate factors such as functionality, design, packaging, pricing, and customer feedback to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. By conducting a comprehensive analysis, we help you optimize your product offering, enhance its competitiveness, and maximize its market potential. Whether you're launching a new product or seeking to refine an existing one, our product audit provides valuable insights to guide your decision-making process.

Market Analysis and size.

Market Analysis and Sizing services provide comprehensive insights into your target market, including its size, trends, competition, and growth potential. We conduct thorough research using a variety of data sources and analytical tools to help you understand the dynamics of your industry and make informed business decisions. By identifying key market segments, customer preferences, and emerging opportunities, we enable you to tailor your strategies and offerings to meet the needs of your target audience effectively.

Full analysis of new line creation

  • Full alternative strategic growth opportunity areas to consider (drawing on strategic direction setting and focused ideation)?
  • What benefits are there for all the options
  • Which of are most attractive?

Business case preparation

Our Business Case Preparation services entail crafting comprehensive and compelling documents that outline the rationale, feasibility, and potential outcomes of a proposed business initiative or investment opportunity. We conduct thorough research, analysis, and financial modeling to present a clear and persuasive case to stakeholders, investors, or decision-makers. Our business cases typically include market analysis, competitive landscape, revenue projections, cost estimates, risk assessment, and recommended strategies for implementation. Whether you're seeking funding, approval, or strategic direction, our expertly crafted business cases provide the necessary support to justify your business decisions and drive success.

Other Services

The idea to have a consultant company is to facilitate to reach a goal. We are the best team when it comes to engaging with you at micro and macro level to understand and then deliver the required solution to your unique requirement in this area. Drop us an email on