Domestic Companies

Launch Indian MLM companies to the global markets

Take The Indian Companies International

This involves collaborating with established Indian MLM companies to expand their reach into global markets.

Global Expansion Services for Indian MLM Companies

Market Entry Strategy

  • To start to your operations from and why? (Geographically)
  • What Products to choose for The Indian Market & why?
  • How to adapt pricing for India (India price sensitive).

Legal & Registration Advisory and support

  • Get your company setup
  • Get your licenses
  • Taxation advisory
  • Legal review of all contract documents

Turn Key Projects ( We can be your direct sales agency )

  • Build the company from scratch
  • Run the company or transferred and exit
  • Operate the company
  • Complete Business planning exit Issue and operation Included

International Expansion

Expand into Asia, Middleast

Dubai, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.


Expand into Europe

30 countries including Germany, UK, France, Russia


Business Intelligence

Presentations Modules on who is your competition and what they are doing. Regular news updates on the markets, of Directs Sales in India, Asia. Specialize Market research on area of need (e.g get an opinion on the likeability on your product from a focus group of ten Ladies who are Direct Selling Consultants.

Alternative Direct Sales/MLM Routes

  • Marketing tie- up with a successful direct sales company.
  • Introduce your product to door to door promotion / marketing.

For the New companies looking to start their Own Direct Sales/MLM Business

If you are a large or a mid-size company looking to open your own direct sales company we can provide everything you need – an end to end solutions to

  • Design your plan to start up
  • Plan the products/support in sourcing in some cases
  • Support in reaching the appropriate pricing for the products
  • Planning and designing the Compensation plans for distribution network
  • Get the legal approvals and take care of other legalities
  • Prepare the documents, the training guides, other legal and non-legal documents
  • Registrations and compliance with the concerned authorities in India. We can take you from idea to launch.