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With over 15 years of international business experience in the Multi Level Marketing consultancy and Direct selling consultancy, the team at Arrowhead Consulting offers a range of services for International Companies to launch into India, Asian markets by shortening the learning curve considerably.

We are one of the most trusted direct selling consultants in India working with some of most renowned players of the industry. By helping our clients understand the nuances of direct sales in India and the Multi level marketing. We are a young firm comprising 11 associates from diverse backgrounds such as Management Consultants, Ex Company Heads, Chartered Accountants, and Supreme Court Lawyers.

Your Strategic Partner for Business Growth in India

International Companies Launch In India

Our option is the best for your company to set up into India. The reason is we know the Industry from ay one and we aren't talking about my particular company experience.

Start Up Services Program

It aims to aid the start-up companies from India and into India by providing them services right from company registration services to developing strategies to achieve the milestones set.

India Legal Consultancy

Our team of lawyers work with the highest courts and have been assisting companies with legal consultancy in India

Product Launch Consultants

A new start, extension of a line, adding a new line, looking at competition, managing a change in business etc, we work with you

Digital Marketing

Whether your brand wants visibility or branding or also getting conversions. Arrowhead helps you build up on that for long term period.

Government and B schools

We provide support to government departments (Indian) about direct sales and MLM – India market and global markets.

Market Research

How to make it best in a market and plug any gaps that may not be known?


If you are a leader in the Industry – Indian or International we could be one of the key doorways to get to a new market/leaders/opportunity.

Domestic Companies

Take the Indian companies International This means working with existing Indian MLM companies to launch them into the global markets.

Meet Koyalgeet: A Pioneer in Direct Selling

Know The CEO

Koyalgeet is a highly esteemed figure in the direct selling industry, renowned both globally and within India for her unparalleled expertise and innovative strategies. Her illustrious career began with the founding of the Direct Selling Association in 1996, a pivotal move that has significantly shaped the landscape of direct selling in India. Under her leadership, the association has grown to become a key player in the industry, advocating for best practices and fostering a community of thriving direct selling enterprises. Over the span of 14 years, Koyalgeet has provided invaluable guidance and support to hundreds of successful MLM, Party Plan, and direct selling companies, helping them navigate the complexities of the market and achieve remarkable growth. Her deep understanding of the industry, combined with her dedication to ethical and sustainable business practices, has earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor and visionary leader. Through her work, Koyalgeet continues to inspire and empower countless entrepreneurs, driving innovation and excellence in the direct selling sector.


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Happy Customers

Our corporate and individual client testimonials

ZillonLife (ZillonLife Pvt. Ltd.)

We could never have launched the company in question without the super preparation and handholding by Arrowhead Consulting and Team Koyalgeet. Thank you.

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Unicity (Unicity Global Corporation)

We are very thankful to Arrowhead Consulting for cutting edge and very accurate Legal advice. We are truly impressed with the entire team due to the insights into market and nuances that they could catch right at the beginning of our operations.

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Neil H Offen (President, USDSA, Secretary General WFDSA, Washington DC.)

I have known Koyalgeet for almost 14 years in my positions as Secretary General of the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations and as President and CEO of the USDSA.

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Jason Norton (Vice President, 4life Research)

We are glad you could guide is in getting the best in India for our operations

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J.Muscat ((International Sales Development Director ,International Cosmetics Company ,United Kingdom)

It was good to see the Beauty Brands that are in operation in Delhi as well as the DS companies and their Delhi offices.

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Indian School of Business (ISB) ((ISB))

Koyalgeet participated in the certificate program for Women Entrepreneurs in India and won the Best Business plan competition. She was declared the MLM Consultant India - Best category; MLM Legal Consultants India, start up India; 360 degree understanding and application in a new channel Direct Selling Industry India market size being the key edge.

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Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA (Indian Direct Selling Association))

We have been greatly supported and lead by Koyalgeet for over 12 years. She is a true leader and brought the entire Association into existence from scratch with 5 members initially. She is a great leader and understands the cultural requirements of global and Indian companies both. From Media to market research to organizing events to leading with govt she shone and brought great learning and experience to the entire industry.

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Gunasekhar (Country Head, Agel Corporation)

I would trust Koyalgeet almost blindly on the industry. She has the best knowledge and understanding and has added immense value to Agel Corporation.

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Former Secretary (Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India)

By far Koyalgeet is the most objective, having a 360 degree overview and the best resources available to guide direct selling in India

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Confederation of Indian Industry (CII (HQ))

We are pleased to provide this testimony for Koyalgeet and Team Arrowhead. We have worked with Arrowhead Consulting regarding certain events related to direct selling and are very happy with the outputs.

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