Customer Centric direct selling Companies – The new future once more


Customer Centric direct selling Companies – The new future once more

A new term has re-surfaced in the Industry almost 30 years later than when it used to be the prime focus of a direct selling company. Guess what? Yes, being Customer focused. Or say “Customer centric”. This has gone to the extent of a company called Direct Selling News” unveiling a list of 2023 Customer-Centric companies. The Direct Selling News “program” Customer-Centric Recognition – recognizes network marketing companies for reinstating customer-focus. In their business. The criteria for assessment is customer-to-distributor ratio. For example – A Gold category award company that maintains a steady ratio of 5 customers to 1 distributor will be given the name Gold. A Company that maintains a customer-to-distributor ratio of 10:1 is considered in the top or best direct selling company in the league and will be called “Platinum” category. #DSN has made it necessary that the customers and distributors taken into consideration must be “Active”, i.e they must be real people with real needs and buying and selling regularly. By regularly we mean – atleast once in 6 months. What does this do for a direct selling company – you would ask? Being customer centric would make sure the company is paying commissions on sales and real movement on products for real needs instead of distributors stocking up inventory to make it to a trip and then dumping the inventory at less than half the cost.

Customer-centric companies in the platinum category

DSN CCR 2023 recognized 8 direct selling companies that were exceptionally customer-centric with more than 10 customers per distributor. Compared to the previous year’s Platinum list, all the companies have succeeded in maintaining their Platinum status. These Platinum status holders have been holding their position steady in the DSN CCR Program since 2020.

Customer-centric companies in the gold category

Monat and Perfectly Posh upheld their Gold status this year too. This is the third consecutive year they are retaining their position. There were no new entrants in this category.


DSN CCR Program claims to benefit the direct selling companies as third-party validation of their business model. DSN in collaboration with recognized companies creates direct selling opportunities via virtual and live events. Imparting an industry-wide perspective, the program aims at boosting the number of companies adopting the customer-centric business model making the channel more and more customer-focused. Direct Selling News has also adopted stringent measures in place for any company listed in the CCR program in case they face any legal and regulatory disputes.

Initiated in the year 2020, the DSN CCR program has succeeded in establishing a customer-centric business model that prioritizes customer satisfaction over sales. In due course, the program also expects to evolve customer-centricity in building strong retail bases thereby presenting the world with greater and better opportunities in the industry.


Companies that see or foresee the future are actually always customer centric because they know that business does not exist without a customer focus, especially in a customer driven market where so many choices exist for customers. The winner in terms of total sales is always a company that can translate the product features into invaluable benefits for the customer.

For example:

#amway showed how #directselling can create an #extraincome for people who have spare time to build a business which is #parttime or #homebasedbusiness. #orifloame showed how #naturalcosmetics have a better appeal to the #customers rather than #chemical cosmetics and how Natural cosmetics are a better alternative for the skin and the environment. Oriflame is expecting a sales turnover of around Rs 1,500 crore in next few years and it believes that #skincare and #wellness would be its growth driver. Here it is interesting to notice how #oriflame #combined #cosmetics with #nutrition. Those are the two categories generally creating interest together in a customer’s mindset. In a similar fashion #topdirectsellingcompany like #amway focused on #hoemcare and #wellness or #nutrition for #directsales business to offer a new alternative that is reliable to #homebasedbusinessowners.

Hence, its clear #being #customercentric is going to win the gains for both #customers and #homebusinesscompanies especially the ones we work for – Direct Selling companies. There is only one catch – ask yourself – Are your products something of extra value? Are your products offering something that directly translates into #benefits.

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