Direct Selling Consultants in India


Direct Selling Consultants in India

We specialize in setting up companies into India that are Network Marketing or Direct Selling companies like Oriflame, Avon, Amway, Herbalife, Bodyshop or others.


Direct Selling is a growing field in India and across the globe. With Corona coming in direct selling has expanded even further. This is due to the easily expandable nature through social selling. The Industry has grown from bare INR 5 million in year 2000 to INR 5000 million today or more. This only includes the given figures of the organized published industry. We are not even close to what it is actually like if we include the unpublished figures of many other companies.

The concept of direct selling

The Concept of direct selling started almost 150 years back with Avon Beauty products launching the so called sell and earn model of business offering thousands of women the opportunity to earn while they manage their lives and buy/sell products they love – beauty products. The model of sale then was a simple single level.

The role of direct selling consultant, India

Direct Selling consultants like Arrowhead Consulting Inc allow your company to shorten the learning curve drastically when you are looking to come to India and when you are looking to go global. That is mainly because for India there could be no one better than Koyalgeet Kaur – the one who founded the Indian Direct Selling Association back in year 1997 in India with barely six companies then – Amway, Herbalife, Avon, Oriflame and Timelife along with Lotus Learning or World Book.

Today our team includes ex CEOs of companies like Amway, Oriflame, Avon Beauty, and DSA along with lawyers who actually know the direct selling business model.

We work in 3 ways

For companies (corporates), Distributors (top distributors who wish to expand here, and with the governments to expand their knowledge base. We also work with top consulting firms of the world. The Big four.

Understanding Direct Selling in India

As already given Direct Selling in India has grown from INR 500 million to over 5000 million today. Today the government regulates the direct selling industry in India via ‘Direct Selling Rules 2021’. Initially the guidelines were given in year 2016, now the Rules. This is a good step.

The growth of the direct selling industry in India

The figures speak for themselves as given above.

Regulatory framework for direct selling

Regulatory framework from direct selling got a boost when the Direct Selling Guidelines 2016 were changed to Direct Selling Rules 2021.

Exploring the opportunities as a direct selling distributor

A distributor coming to India can expect explosion in their total no. of people enrolled and can look forward to a start up never dreamt of due to the huge no. of people involved.

The Benefits of Direct Selling Consulting

To say the truth, there is no way you can really decipher how to go about India unless you hire us as the consultants to get the insights we have from day one – year 1997 onwards and current. Our consulting can answer your questions like – what products, what pricing, where to start, how to suit India – price and size, how to modify the plan, how to comply?

Flexibility and work-life balance, Unlimited income potential, Personal growth and development are some of the gains direct selling industry brings to India. A company coming into India will need to build a strong network of customers and team members by using Sales Techniques and Strategies for Direct Selling in India.

By using the following – Effective communication skills, Developing relationships and trust, Leveraging social media and online platforms a company could build image.

India and Asia markets

India is shining and is unique as you know. Each part of India almost becomes a country. How to look at India – as one or several countries, the cultural aspects of business, the social fabric of the country and trends, the kinds of towns A, B, C or D and E, what kind of pricing, when to expect break even, what kind of profits?  Should you come as a subsidiary or as a JV. What are the profit repatriation laws etc. How to hire people, where to manufacture or import from. Etc, etc.

Answer all these questions and more with us.

Come to India with us