Network Marketing


Network Marketing

Network Marketing

People usually make huge sums of money in network marketing, and continue to do so even today. People enjoy their lives, appreciate the freedom they get from this business and its that kind of freedom that most people only dream of.

About 5-10% of the top distributors become the top money earner’s in any company however the beauty if that the potential exists for everyone who has the passion and is ready to gear himself or herself up or simply put is moved by the products and opportunity. These people not necessarily have already existing skills, those can be learnt on the job. Majority of the people who sign up have the opportunity to learn on the job provided they attend the free trainings initiated by the companies.

Companies offer many products and services today, almost everything under the sun is sold through direct sales and network marketing. Items that the average households use everyday and also things they buy in once a while, services they may need everyday or sometimes.

The beauty if that no matter what kind of person you are and if you have tried network marketing or not tried network marketing, and no matter what kind of things you like or look for, you can find atleast one company offering that through network marketing:

Telecommunication, Internet, Nutritional and Health Products, Weight management programs, Water purifiers, Financial products, Insurance, Power, Solar Energy, House hold products, garments, gift items, candles, just to say some.

How does one know what will work for them, it will be based on what moves a person, what calls a person and what are you passionate about. Becoming successful requires understanding What exactly is Network Marketing or Direct Selling.

People need to understand How Network Marketing Works to be able to make a success out of it.

How to Start In Network Marketing is also to be understood. When looking at companies how to choose the one that is right for you. what should you look for in a network marketing company? This question needs to be answered rightly.

One is the products should have a need to be repurchased soon enough, so repeat purchase. These days stocking of products is not required. Customers are just a click away.

Sometimes what a person may find exciting and are passionate about, their friends and family may not find. Then, they can be explained how they will save them money or give them better quality and other benefits.

How to be ready for Network Marketing.

Results of efforts come with some time and continued efforts. It is almost necessary to attend trainings and regular meetings to keep the tempo high, failures or “nos’ in the market may demotivate people but one of the things that network marketing people will tell you is how to be upbeat in any situation. People draw strength and learn from each other and that results in not only bonding between people but also success ultimately.


It is important that any network marketing assignment be taken as a full time job and be disciplined about it to get results. If one starts to lacadasical about it then the tendency ius to give up. So, discipline and a regime is necessary. Therefore, training and motivation is essential and regularly being in touch with the company.

In network marketing one needs to remember that you actually Never Stop to learn new things.

Network marketing is almost always about the personal touch. Internet can not replace the success that the personal touch creates. Therefore, its important that one keeps the essentials in focus. Other things can be used as a tool to support, but nothing can replace personal meetings or phone calls. Therefore, the focus should remain on the same.

Network marketing started out about 200 years back as a recommendation business and surprisingly it still is the same because as mentioned earlier people have many needs and the top one is to be cared for or have a personal touch. If one were to simply recall which store does one usually buy stuff from, one will notice it’s the place that you feel connected to. It’s the person, his personal touch, a simple hello or just a smile – that is what calls people. Why-because people are people and not machines. That is why, network marketing is all about getting your relationships right.

Ofcourse, your servicing and your credibility will be determined by the trust you are able to gain from the other side.

Bottom line is network marketing is about connecting with people, real people, getting the relationship[s right and creating a link that works. Rest just follows. Even if you don’t know it, it can be learnt from the community, meetings and gatherings. Network marketing teaches you life skills which are otherwise hard to learn.

Koyalgeet Kaur
Principal Partner, Arrowhead Consulting Inc.