#Socialselling in Multilevel Marketing


#Socialselling in Multilevel Marketing

How is Social Selling Impacting Direct Selling?

The Pandemic is where it started to really take off. Before you wonder, did anything even take off during the pandemic, then your answer is yes. Social selling did. The reason being, everyone was already at home and in front of the screen and everything was coming in through delivery.

71% of all sales and 90% of top salespeople are already using social selling tools. That percentage is higher with the younger generation. 78% of Millennials use social selling tools such as Whatsapp, facebook, Linkedin etc. 63% of those Millennials say social selling is important for reaching out and for expansion of business. This is how they operate.

The trend did help direct selling companies, especially the Legal directs selling companies to operate and bring forth the best via various means. Zoom platforms and other such platforms allowed for India and market expansion. Direct Sellers and Leaders in network marketing were able to use google search engines, google meets for entry into new markets from home.

This trend is likely to grow.

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